Artist Statement

With a focus on challenging the concept of documentation, my practice is rooted in the translation and act of making records. Through collecting, photographing, writing and drawing, I disrupt the traditional ideas of representation; I embody a location and a time period, creating a document in a both nuanced and abstract way. 

Dear Adam Silver (named for the commissioner of the National Basketball Association) is a current body of work I have developed that is a response to the game of basketball. I explore the court as a place where human nature and social politics are an undeniable part of the game as well as a space for social engagement to occur. Using both writing and visual work as well as my own podcast (also entitled Dear Adam Silver), I reflect on the role of the human body and the question of representation in the discussion around both fine art and sports. Rethinking issues of race, patriotism and loss, I question where the boundaries of the court mimic the boundaries of the country.