Reach, 2017

With a focus on challenging the concept of documentation, my art practice is rooted in the appreciation, translation and act of archiving objects that record their surroundings. Through collecting, photographing, drawing, writing poems and assembling sculptures, I hope to disrupt the traditional ideas of representation and constantly re-learn how to understand a place. Through all of my artwork, both written and visual, I attempt to embody a location and a time period, to create a document, in a both nuanced and abstract way.

Dear Adam Silver (named for the current commissioner of the NBA) expresses my attempts, successes and failures at making artwork about basketball. I have developed a habit of treating Adam Silver as my target audience and point of reference for how I develop my artwork, hoping to draw his attention to the production of visual art as a way of thinking critically. I believe that the game of basketball serves as a mirror for our current society and often our greatest social issues are played out on the court and seen by the viewers. Basketball is an art form in and of itself and the chance to respond to the game through my artwork is an answer to the questions basketball asks; my goal is to continue the conversation it initiates through action. I explore the basketball court as a place where human nature and social politics are an undeniable part of the game. Using both writing and visual work, I reflect on the role of the human body in the discussion and the sovereignty each person and player has over their own. Rethinking issues of race, patriotism and loss, I question where the boundaries of the court mimic the boundaries of the country. I consider myself a witness to the game, it’s history, how it plays out and how it intersects with and has moved alongside events in the United States and beyond.