Reach, 2017

What is a photograph capable of communicating? What is a document of a place? 

A large part of my practice is continually asking these same two questions over and over again. 
Basketball has become the lens which I choose to look through when approaching the two questions and a metaphor for larger societal issues, a jumping off point to engage local incidences. An art form and creative expression close to my heart, I have loved watching the game since I was a young kid. It is an extremely exciting sport where you can see the physical strain, technique and facial expressions of the athletes, creating a very intimate experience. 

My current work consists of a gesture based in strengthening ties to the community I live in, East Baton Rouge Parish. Throughout the Parish, I am trading out used basketball nets for new basketball nets at schools, parks and private residences. The act of asking permission to make this trade, setting up the ladder, physically unhooking the old net and affixing the new one are all gestures towards the group of people and landscapes that surround me. After bringing the nets back to my studio, I am photographing them individually to bring attention to the colors, signs of use, fraying and sometimes plants growing on each net. I believe that each net is a recording and shares a story, a true document of the place that I have collected them from, buzzing with signs of life and emotion of a particular location.   I am a trained photographer and the idea of letting an object speak for a place, rather than a direct image of a place, feels both exciting and new to me. I am making a small change to each location by trading out nets, but the act of reaching out and engaging people I would most likely not connect with otherwise is also a change maker for my relationship to the place I live.